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Musical Description

An immaculately balanced fusion of complexity and symphonic finesse: that's probably the best way to describe the music of Siren's Cry. The band is a unique and creative force, unifying the best of all worlds: progressive virtuosity, enchanting melodies and powerful riffing, ingeniously combined to a perfect circle of spectacular sound. Influences such as Dream Theater, Metallica, Nightwish, Threshold, Angra and Symphony X are realigned in a completely new way: every song takes the listener on a thrilling journey through a picturesque landscape. Prepare yourself for an incredible journey through the ethereal spheres of Scattered Horizons. This album takes progressive metal to a totally new and unexplored level that will quickly conquer your heart. Convince yourself and witness a new form of metal!


After recording their demo “Draconian Spectrum” in 2009 the band started gathering musical material for the first album “Scattered Horizons”, which prior to its release already attracted the attention of the international music scene across the globe.
Those who have experienced the band's live performances agree that the tremendous energy as well as the beguiling stage presence of all members is a unique experience and thus a must see! Despite the recent formation of the band, Siren's Cry has performed with various international acts, has played on national and international stages and is proud to look at an ever growing fan base!
With their long anticipated debut "Scattered Horizons", Siren's Cry has set a landmark stirring up the prog metal genre. The album is filled with breathtaking choruses and heart-rending vocal lines masterly executed by Katie Joanne. The lyrics are picturesque and significant showing the bands contentual diversity. The razor sharp guitar and keyboard riffs and indefeasible drum beats and bass lines perfectly entangle the vocals. The bands unique and unmatched, sound will forthwithly catch the listeners' attention.

Siren's Cry definitely is the pinnacle of some of the finest and most outstanding musicians Austria has to offer. Thus it is not surprising that Katie Joanne continuously performs with renowned singers such as Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire, Vision Divine, Labyrinth, Athena), Apollo Papathanasio (Firewind, Spiritual Beggars), Roland Grapow and others. Furthermore, drummer Frederic Brünner was asked to join the TAMA family and guitarist Phillip R. Porter was invited to team up with IBANEZ Guitars, which mirrors their impact on the Austrian metal scene. Classically trained keyboardist Michael Siskov amazes the audience with his keyboard frenzy and already counts as one of the aspiring musicians in the genre.

The album title "Scattered Horizons" is an allegory reflecting the musical background of Siren's Cry. The self produced album is a gem in the wild and was mixed by Karl Groom and mastered at the Finnvox Studios, both contributing greatly to this projecting release.
Scattered Horizons can undoubtedly be referred to as a manifesto - it defines the new art of female - fronted progressive metal which bears a new name: Siren's Cry.


Katie Joanne

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D.O.B: 06.05

P.O.B: Belgrade

Instrument: My Voice

My story begins a long time ago when I was little girl sliding on my knees to a "Roxette" Video clip believing I am a guitar hero…and going to the ballet... so the interaction between two worlds started from the very beginning…

My grandfather played violin in an orchestra and my dad was ballet dancer at the Volskoper in Vienna, so I really early got in touch with classical music and started with the age of 7 to play piano. First I wasn’t very happy about it, because I actually wanted to play violin like my grandfather, but after the years I learned to appreciate it and finished the music school with the age of 18. During the school time I was singing in the choir and we had many classical concerts. To be part of the choir was mandatory for all students who didn’t play an orchestra instrument and once again I was forced to do something I thought I wouldn’t ever do. Well, I decided to give it a try and was astonished by the outcome. 

All students were professionals (and that with the age of 13!!!) All at an advanced level – and I had only six months to reach them, to be allowed to study further, because I entered the music school in the middle of the 3 year and not from the beginning like the other ones.. 

I really wished to stay, so I started to work really hard on the piano and kept on singing and fell in love with it. Both went well and with the time I got little solo parts in a few choir concerts and Prof. Kugi advised me to take vocal lessons as quick as possible and really supported me on my way, but I had to work hard for them. A good teacher is hard to find and of course quality has it’s price- and it was definitely worth it. I learned a lot with Helena Dearing and I’m thankful for every lesson with her. 

During this “hardcore classical” period I really needed something where I could do what I wanted to and also could let go. So I started to play E-guitar. Five days after getting my new baby (my first IBANEZ) I joined our school band playing some “Metallica” covers and all that real true metal stuff, but that wasn’t enough for me and I started to compose my own stuff and created some crazy concepts for my music. That was also the time I got into” Symphony X “and “DreamTheater”. I totally psyched out and buried myself with music, trying to combine classic and metal. I spent some time playing guitar or keys in some local bands but my own vision of music I created didn’t let me rest. 

While I was working further with Mrs Dearing and decided to study opera and classical chant, the skills in singing increased more and more In the same time I met Phil and started to work with him on a project called “Accolade". 

That guy was absolutely nuts on the guitar and we fabricated some awesome ideas and the flow of creativity was unstoppable. We realized this is going to be a very big baby and we noticed that other musicians are badly needed. At first we were lucky because I knew a lot of people from school and I also remembered some good old friends. 

I asked Michael my old schoolmate if he would like to play piano in my band and work with very crazy people on a very crazy project. Sören and Frederic complemented later the formation and as they agreed a new cornerstone was found.

I really fell in love with the guys and I enjoy the feeling to make music with them. We changed the band name and I told the guys I really would like to go on with progressive metal, because I really do believe in their qualities and everything I wrote became exactly that style I wanted it to be. Since my childhood I couldn't stop taking the pen and write music because I always felt it was the most natural thing in the world for me. Finally I feel fulfilled and I am the luckiest girl in the world making music with the people that I chose for this band. I knew that together we could become a strong team and we just stood at the beginning of a great journey…

Phil Phillip R. Porter

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DOB: 11.09

POB: Vienna / Austria

Instrument: Guitar

Endorsements: Ibanez Guitars
         ENGL AMPS

Phillip Porter was born on September 11, 1981 in Vienna, Austria. Phillip started to play the Piano at the early age of 6 years. His parents recognized his musical talent after the family received a synthesizer keyboard by which Phillip was fascinated ever since. He took private piano lessons by local music teachers & soon he was drawn to the classical music of Bach, Chopin, Mozart, Brahms and Beethoven (to name a few). He first picked up the guitar at age of 13 after he & his father spent some time in the USA where Phillip came in close contact with Blues and Rock music.

In school Phillip was part of the school band where he then would either play the guitar or piano. During this period Phillip also started to form his first bands & played his first live shows in small venues. 

The first real attempt to form a professional band followed in 1999. Phillip formed the first version of Siren’s Cry & with this formation he recorded his Demo Album titled Centre of Might. The Demo was recorded during a one week session and showed Phillip’s early influences like Iron Maiden & Judas Priest but with a slight progressive edge to it. Some of the Songs had complex arrangements & were over length but the overall production was very rough. After finishing the Demo they asked a manager to take care of their music but they were deceived. As a result the band split up.

As a result, Phillip moved to England to study. Returning to Vienna for vacation in 2006 he then met Katie Joanne & Michael Siskov & together they eventually found the Band Accolade, which then later would become Siren’s Cry. Katie Joanne liked the Band name & it turned out that Katie Joanne saw one of the early concerts Phillip performed with the first version of the Band.

Phillip is best known for his work with Siren’s Cry but he is also part of the Swedish Austrian melodic Metal Band Dignity. The cooperation emerged when “Siren’s Cry - Scattered Horizons” was recorded in 2010/11 together with Frank Pitters, the founder of Dignity (Napalm Records). During the same time Phillip started work as studio and session player. He recorded and co-produced all the guitars for the Austrian punk band Junge Röemer with whom Phillip then toured through Germany with Freiwild (Asphalt Records) and 9MM (Rodeostar Hamburg) on the Hart am Wind Tour.  Phillip also has appeared as a guest on several records by other artists such as the 2011 released Legends album by Dragony (Limb Music)

Phillip proudly endorses ENGL Amps and Ibanez Guitars.

MichiMichael A. Siskov

contact Michael

DOB: 14.11

POB: Vienna / Austria

Instrument: Keys

I've started my piano-studies with the age of six in the music-school of our little town called Hinterbrühl in Lower Austria. My parents supported and almost forced me to practice every day since the age of 13. From this time on I decided to push my piano-studies on a higher and more professional level. This was also the time I met a hungarian professor called Laszlo Baranyay who taught at the Franz Liszt academy in Budapest and who always gave me the support and courage which kept me going. Hence, he is one of the most important persons in my life. After very intensive practice and great work of professor Silberbauer and professor Lee, I passed the audition for the Viennese Conservatoire of Music an dramatic arts. Luckily I immediately got a place in the class of professor Karl Barth - a man, to whom I owe a lot regarding my musicial knowledge. I also changed school and applied for the Musikgymnasium - the Viennese highschool for musical students - where professor Herbert Ortmayr intrigued me with his lessons on composition. It was in the Musikgymnasium too - in my last year before my matriculation - when I met Katie for the first time.

After my matriculation and the beginning of my non-artistic studies at the University of Vienna I fell into a nasty and depressive phase. My piano studies would not progress and an old, forgotten and ill-making stagefright appeared out of the blue until I finally lost confidence in my talent. In an act of despair and desolation I shattered all my studies by deciding to never touch an instrument again.

In the following months I merely concentrated on my study at the University of Vienna and on my work as a journalist. Although my beloved partner Max always gave me the indispensable energy to go on, I still felt lost and disorientaded. This state lasted for about four years until Katie Joanne restored contact. She invited me to join her band and I agreed. Thus I met Phil and the other band members - and I came into contact with progressive metal like DT, Symphony X or Spiral Architect for the first time.

Sören Sören Skupien

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DOB: 16.10

POB: Berlin/ Germany

Instrument: Bass

A self-conception of mine is very difficult: Music was and always will be a feeling inside of me. My instrument has joined me for several years now and I cannot resist it, despite some downs and lows. I did some guest appearances in several local bands in Berlin.

The path to music and to me was evened by two very special persons in my life: My teacher and mentor, who has all my gratitude and furthermore a very special friend of mine with whom I spent half of my youth in garages, prefabricated rooms and rehearsal rooms. In countless experimental night sessions I explored the various sounds and moods of music and my instrument.

Being progressive and move forward, pushing the boundaries and always new and fresh that’s the essence why I came to Vienna and sought after a Band like Siren’s Cry in order to learn, to feel and to experience. That's what music is all about in my opinion: to be a part of something, to be creative, to search and never to arrive...

FredericFrederic Brünner

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P.O.B: Vienna

D.O.B: 23.03

Instrument: Drums 

Endorsements: TAMA Drums

Showing an interest in music at an early age, it did not take long until I found my instrument of choice: the drums. At the age of ten, I took my first drum lessons and what followed was a time in which I gained experience with various types of ensembles, helping to expand my musical horizon. After some time, I joined a project that then lead up to being my first real band. This project was eventually named "Satory", and together with three other musicians I gathered my first insights into metal and progressive music. At some later stage in time, I decided to extend my horizon once more and joined the power metal band "Dragony", of which I still am a proud member. The next important step along my way was the foundation of the jazz metal band Planewalker, together with former Satory guitarist  Benedikt Soja. During this time, I also had my first contact with Siren's Cry. They eventually asked me to join them, and since it seemed like a great opportunity to improve and expand my musical understanding and skill once more and also that we got along well, I decided to accept the offer.

The past weeks with Siren's Cry were an interesting experience. Rehearsing and recording with the band has shown that there is the right musical connection between the other members and me. Apart from the fact that we all get along very well on a personal level, the professional approach to the process of creating music has made our interaction productive and entirely enjoyable. I'm looking forward to the release of the album, and I'm convinced that it will be something definitely worth listening to!

That's where I stand now, looking forward to an exciting future!